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1) Camp Alphie is a camp for children ages 7-14 years old who are either under treatment for a cancer diagnosis, are in remission or have survived cancer.

2) The campsite has been adapted for wheelchairs and we have a well-stocked infirmary supervised by our nurse; however, when a child is too sick to participate in any of the camp activities, it is not in the best interest of the child to attend camp and witness first-hand what they are missing. For this reason, we ask that parents and physicians help us make wise decisions regarding attendance.

3) One brother or sister may attend camp with the child who has been diagnosed with cancer. Depending on the circumstances, exceptions can be made for more than one sibling to attend.


4) Please fill out all forms and return by June 15th. If you have any questions about any of the forms, please contact Meri Lyn Odell via email at

5) There is no charge for Camp Alphie – for camper, sibling or parents.

If you have filled out and sent in all forms on time, you will receive an acceptance letter. When you receive your acceptance letter, there will be a list of items to bring to camp, a map to the camp site, arrival time, etc. included.


Parents are expected to bring their child to camp and to remain during all check-in activities. Please do not leave until your child is completely checked in. You will be requested to take your child around and check them in at different locations. It is very important that all medications with written instructions be brought to camp with your child. If medication is forgotten at home you MUST take your child with you to get medication. The child may not stay at camp without their appropriate medications.


Two parents are invited to be our guest for lunch on the Friday of camp. If additional family members or friends wish to attend, please sign up at registration on the Sunday before. Please join us for closing ceremonies as each camper receives an award - it is a very exciting time for everyone. 


Please do not leave camp until your child (and any siblings) has been completely checked out on Friday.

You must return the following forms for your child to attend: camper application, medical history and consent form and kid camper/child consent form.

To attend Parents' Camp, you must return the following forms: general consent form (for each parent) and parents' camp application form. All forms can be found HERE!

To attend Camp Alphie, all campers must adhere to these policies:

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