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Camp Alphie's ongoing mission for over thirty years has been to provide a place for children suffering from cancer, as well as their families, to experience some new things, make new friends and connections, and relax - forget about their worries.


We know that medical expenses can be a huge drain, financially and emotionally, on a family. That's why, with the help of many, many donors - both individuals as well as companies - we are able to set up this ever-growing, free-of-charge camp every year to provide new, joyful memories for kids who may not have many chances to run and play.


Our goal in setting up Camp Alphie is to provide a place of healing for the childlike spirit of these kids as well as for parents who have heavy burdens on their shoulders. Rejuvenating, recharging, and unifying families is one of the most strived-for results of our camp, and we are proud to say that year after year we achieve that goal, and, like our mascot Alphie, who greets each day with a smile, we can see the joy on the faces of the kids here.


Keeping the camp medically up-to-date with nutritious meals, rest time, and nurses and doctors who administer medication and are present to treat any injuries or issues any kid might have is also one of our important goals.

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