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Where is Camp Alphie located?

Camp Alphie is located at Ceta Canyon, which can be found in the Panhandle of Texas. Ceta Canyon is a beautiful place, with sparse brush areas as well as stunning rock formations and cliffs.

Send mail to:

PO Box 7665

Amarillo, TX 79114

Is the camp fully equipped and comfortable for living?

Yes; its modern, comfortable dormitories, dining hall, chapel, swimming pool and other recreational facilities are perfect for Camp Alphie attendees.

How do I get to Camp Alphie?

37201 FM1721,

Happy, TX 79042

What is the age group of kids allowed to attend?

The age group of kids allowed to attend Camp Alphie is ages 7-14.

Are there any prerequisites to attending Camp Alphie?

To attend the camp, you must be within the ages of 7-14, and must be either currently in treatment for a cancer diagnosis, in remission, or have survived cancer. If you are an adult, you must be a parent of a child attending Camp Alphie to attend Parents' Camp.

What are the necessary forms I need to complete, and where can they be found?

You must return the following forms for your child to attend: camper application, sibling application, medical history form (for each camper), medical consent form (for each camper), and general consent form (for each camper).

To attend Parents' Camp, you must return the following forms: general consent form (for each parent) and parents' camp application form. All forms can be found HERE.

What's the deadline to return forms?

We must have your forms by June 15th to be eligible to attend! All forms must be entirely complete for consideration.

Who runs the camp?

Camp Alphie is run by the volunteer Board of Directors who are listed on a page under 'About Us' in the above menu, but the doctors, staff members, and various volunteer camp directors and counselors who come every year are what keep the camp running smoothly. You can read some of our staff bios HERE.

What kind of medical care and confidentiality is involved?

Because of laws governing patient confidentiality for cancer patients, Camp Alphie can only contact past campers. At the camp itself, an oncology nurse is continually in residence at camp to see to campers' medical needs, and great care is taken to plan nutritious diets and time for adequate rest. Campers also get extra doses of laughter, fun, and friendship - good medicine, indeed.

When are the camp dates?

Camp Alphie is held July 23-28, 2023. Campers arrive on Sunday and live at the camp until Friday, when closing ceremonies are held after lunch, which parents are invited to.

What happens if any of my forms are left incomplete?

If any of your forms are sent in with incomplete fields or without appropriate signatures, we will send your forms back to you, and you will not be allowed to attend the camp unless you properly complete and return the forms by June 15th.

How much does it cost to attend any of Camp Alphie's programs?

Absolutely nothing. Camp Alphie is free of charge for all of our programs!

Is the camp equipped for kids in wheelchairs?

Yes, the camp is fully equipped for wheelchairs.

What should my child or I bring to camp?

When you have filled out all forms and sent them in, you will receive an acceptance letter detailing what you need to bring - but above all else, make sure you have your medication - you will be sent home without it, as we cannot allow you to attend without your medication. Other than that, any camping supplies, clothing, and toiletries that you'd usually need for a week-long trip would be perfect.

If I have questions not addressed in the FAQ, how can I contact Camp Alphie staff or the Board of Directors?

If you have further questions or concerns about anything regarding Camp Alphie, click HERE to send an email to a member of the Board of Directors. We will respond to your email with the requested information as soon as possible.

Is Camp Alphie a for-profit organization?

No; Camp Alphie is a completely non-profit organization, and all contributions to us are tax deductible. Camper sponsorships are encouraged - you can sponsor a child's visit for $300, or donate any amount to help us keep Camp Alphie going. You will receive a receipt for your contribution, and honorariums and memorials are recognized with special cards.

How do I donate to Camp Alphie?

To make a donation to Camp Alphie, please write to:

Camp Alphie

PO Box 7665

Amarillo, TX 79114

We are also working on a PayPal option, but that is not currently up and running. Thank you for considering a contribution!

Why is the camp named Camp Alphie?

Camp Alphie is named for the mascot of Alpha Delta Pi. The Amarillo alumnae of this national sorority helped start Camp Alphie.

Does Camp Alphie have a mascot?

Yes, Camp Alphie's mascot is the courageous lion, Alphie, who can be seen in the sidebar of many pages on this site, and who can be found wandering around the camp, meeting campers and joining in on the fun! (To see more of him, check out the Photo Album.) Alphie was named after the first letter of the Greek alphabet, Alpha, which means 'new beginning'.

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