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There are lots of fun outdoor and indoor activities to participate in! Among the favorites are swimming in our pool, diving off the diving board, playing around in and on inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses, and 'boxing' cages, and horsing around… on real horses!


Here at Camp Alphie, our focus is on fun - that's why we have new events every year! Past events have included shaving cream fights, epic water gun battles, dance parties, and themed events. This year's theme is Circus!


Traditional events, like the birthday party for Alphie and the closing ceremonies where every camper receives an award, will be a part of every annual Camp Alphie for the forseeable future. Along with those, though, are new and unique ways to spend the days, like face painting, pottery making, and all manners of arts and crafts, as well as musical performances and cooking s'mores over a campfire!


But Camp Alphie isn't just about the fun - it's about healthy and educational experiences, which is why campers could also get to hike up to a local waterfall, learn karate, or get to participate in science experiments with liquid nitrogen and more.

Every year, there are surprise activities as well - past surprises have included a visit from the Corvette Club, Jeep Night (four-wheeling rides around the canyon), a Magic Show, and the Camp Alphie Carnival. It's all about providing new and exciting experiences for kids who deserve to make as many wonderful memories as they can in a safe environment.

Plenty of relaxing break time as well as nutritious meals are also planned, as your child gets to know the other campers and his or her counselor, making friends that will only add to the joy of camp.

So get ready to experience six days of fun, laughter, friendship, and excitement at Camp Alphie!

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