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Parents are welcome to attend Parents' Camp, where parents, whether singular or as a couple, can come to relax and relate to other parents of kids with cancer. It's a place to laugh, talk, and cry if you need to.

While the doctors heal and the counselors help with an understanding of the disease, there is a need for families to know how others find normalcy in family life and cope as they journey through this crisis. That is why we felt it would help the whole family if we provided a retreat of fun and relaxation where the parents of children in their various stages of healing could share experiences. It is very informal and totally free of charge; however, it is only for parents, not for other relatives or friends.

So what goes on at Parents' Camp? Well, parents of kids with cancer not only find common ground and shared experiences with those who attend, but it's a great way for parents to bond and make lasting connections with people going through the same things they are. Bonding activities like bowling, spa day for the ladies, museum trips, guest speakers, and even a trip to Wonderland Park help the parents to have fun and participate in memorable experiences while their kids are doing the same over in Camp Alphie.

The informal, relaxed tone of Parents' Camp is sure to give you a wonderful break from the rigors of day-to-day life while providing you with new friends and connections with parents like you. It's a place to recharge, relax, have fun - and return to your family with new resolve and energy!


So come on down to enjoy Parents' Camp while your kids romp and have a good time at Camp Alphie!

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